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Panel-Built Saunas

Does your home or business have a corner that would be the perfect place for a sauna? The design of Amerec's panel-built/modular, free-standing saunas is ideal for installation in any existing space.  This sauna is perfect for those who want a high quality sauna, but with the ease and portability of modular assembly.  There's no construction needed, only simple assembly on a numbered base frame.  Pre-assembled wall and ceiling sections are shipped in easy-to-handle panels for quick assembly in any setting.  Modular sauna panels feature select Western Red Cedar tongue-and-groove boards on the interior and exterior, fiberglass insulation and foil vapor barrier within the panels.  For exterior sauna walls that are hidden or are to be painted, papered or tiled, plywood is an option.

From 4' x 4' to 12' x 12', Amerec offers numerous standard panel-built/modular room sizes. We can also manufacture custom modular saunas to meet your needs.  

Standard Features

  • Interior and exterior of clear Western Red Cedar
  • Prefabricated, insulated panels for walls and ceiling
  • Interior and exterior trim
  • Pre-assembled benches
  • Heater guard rail
  • Pre-hung all-glass door
  • Wooden duckboard or plastic mat flooring in walk area
  • Bucket and ladle
  • Wall light and thermometer
  • Headrests

Optional Features

  • Glass window panels
  • Other door options
  • Luxury benches
  • Bench skirts
  • Wall-to-wall duckboard or plastic mat flooring
  • Deluxe backrests
  • Neo-angles
  • Accessories
  • Exterior controls, digital or standard
  • Steamy heater

Amerec Sauna: Where Health and Relaxation Meet

In today's fast paced world we all need a break from the stress, tension and noise of every day life.  An Amerec sauna provides a private retreat - a mini-vacation right in your home.  As our Scandinavian ancestors knew centuries ago, the benefits of sauna bathing are many.

AnAmerec sauna will provide the perfect quiet retreat at day's end, or will complement your health and fitness program.  The warm enveloping heat of a sauna, combined with the soft steam created by sprinkling water on the rocks, provides the ultimate way to reduce stress and ease aching muscles.